BC-2600 Top Loading CR2032 Lithium Battery Retaine

By MPD (Memory Protection Devices) 56

BC-2600 Top Loading CR2032 Lithium Battery Retaine

MPD's BC-2600 is a top-loading CR2032 lithium battery retainer featuring vertical replacement. At well under 0.5 grams, it is lighter weight than competing designs. The excellent connectivity of BC-2600 makes it particularly suitable for applications where a reliable connection is paramount. The battery is changed from the top, unlike typical retainers that are side loading.

The lithium battery retainer is made of nickel-plated phosphor bronze and offers three large pressure contacts optimized to keep a tight connection with the cell. Shock and vibration resistance per EIA-364 assures designers of trouble-free use in handheld applications.

  • CR2032 lithium coin cells typically offer 220 mAh to 240 mAh
  • Patented technology from MPD, United States Patent Number 10,333,116
  • Handheld medical devices like thermometers and glucose meters
  • Particularly suitable for automobile keyfobs