BQ25886 Boost-Mode Battery Charger for USB Input

By Texas Instruments 471

BQ25886 Boost-Mode Battery Charger for USB Input

Texas Instruments' BQ25886 is a highly-integrated 2 A boost switch-mode battery charge management and system PowerPath management which enables instant power-on and provides an accurate termination control device for 2-cell (2s) Li-Ion and Li-polymer batteries. The BQ25886 is a standalone solution with PowerPath and on-the-go boost (OTG).

  • High-efficiency 2 A, 1.5 MHz switch-mode boost charger:
    • 93.4% charge efficiency at 5 V adapter, 7.6 V battery, 1 A charge
    • Optimized for USB input and 2-cell Li-Ion battery
  • Single input to support USB input adapters:
    • Supports 4.3 V to 6.2 V input voltage range with 20 V absolute max input voltage rating
    • Input current limit (500 mA to 3.3 A) to support USB2.0, USB3.0 standard adapters
    • Integrated USB D+/D- auto-detect USB SDP, CDP, DCP, and non-standard adapters
  • Input current optimizer (ICO) to maximize input power without overloading the adapters
  • High integration includes all MOSFETs, current-sensing, and loop compensation
  • Safety:
    • Battery temperature sensing in charge
    • Thermal regulation and thermal shutdown
  • Standalone function with PowerPath management:
    • Ultra-high battery discharge efficiency with 17 mΩ battery discharge MOSFET
    • Narrow VDC (NVDC) PowerPath management:
      • Instant-on works with no battery or deeply discharged battery
      • Ideal diode operation in battery supplement mode
    • Adjustable charge voltage with a VSET pin supports 8.2 V, 8.4 V, 8.7 V, and 8.8 V
    • Adjustable charge current with an ICHGSET pin supports 100 mA to 2,200 mA
    • Adjustable input current limit with an ILIM pin
  • High accuracy:
    • Charge voltage regulation: ±0.5%
    • Charge current regulation: ±5.0%
    • Input current regulation: ±7.5%
  • Wireless speakers
  • Smart speakers
  • EPOS printers
  • Portable POS
  • IP network cameras