Full-Range Loudspeaker


Full-Range Loudspeaker

VISATON offers broadband speakers for almost every application. Although the VISATON full-range speakers follow the same physical design principle, the design of each model may differ significantly. By using different materials for the components of the speakers, the specific requirements of different applications can be fulfilled. For example, ferrite is used as the magnetic material by default, which is cheap but also has a high weight. But if low weight and small size of the full-range loudspeaker are especially important, a magnet system based on neodymium is used. A weight reduction of 1/3 to 1/4 of the original value can be achieved this way.

The membrane material also plays an important role and is deliberately used to control the acoustic parameters on the one hand and the resistance to environmental influences on the other. The advantage of classical paper membranes is their low weight and good stiffness. The acoustic transmission behavior is very uniform and the efficiency is high. If the resistance to environmental influences such as wetness is important, plastics such as polypropylene or mylar are used. If high temperatures are also to be considered, fiberglass reinforced plastics can be used.


  • Particularly flat speakers for installation in ceilings of vehicles with low installation depth
  • High-efficiency speakers for clear reproduction of speech with high intelligibility
  • Extra-lightweight neodymium magnet speakers for use in weight critical applications
  • Waterproof speakers for critical environmental conditions
  • Special shapes (such as oval or rectangular) to make the best possible use of available space in equipment or housings