MCP6V1x Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers

By Microchip Technology 79

MCP6V1x Zero-Drift Operational Amplifiers

The MCP6V1x family of operational amplifiers from Microchip Technology Inc. provides input offset voltage correction for very low offset and offset drift. These are low-power devices with a gain bandwidth of 80 kHz (typical). They are unity gain stable, have virtually no 1/f noise, and have good power supply rejection ratio (PSRR) and common-mode rejection ratio (CMRR). These products operate with a single supply voltage as low as 1.6 V while drawing 7.5 µA/amplifier (typical) of quiescent current. Microchip's MCP6V16/6U/7/9 op-amps are offered in single (MCP6V16 and MCP6V16U), dual (MCP6V17), and quad (MCP6V19) packages and were designed using an advanced CMOS process. These op-amps are ideal for sensor conditioning, medical instrumentation, temperature measurement, and IoT applications.


  • Industry-leading performance
    • Measure small signals with less error due to low initial offset of 25 µV max and offset drift of only 150 nV/°C max using the zero-drift architecture
  • Ultra-low power consumption while still providing ample bandwidth
    • The MCP6V16/7/9 series consumes as little as 12 µW per channel while providing 80 kHz of gain bandwidth product
    • The MCP6V36/7/9 series consumes as little as 38 µW per channel while providing 300 kHz of gain bandwidth product, enabling high linearity even at higher frequencies
  • Ideal for harsh, unpredictable operating environments
  • The ultra-low drift architecture provides reliable, accurate measurements across a wide range of environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature, common mode range, and supply voltage
  • Portable instrumentation: high-end weight scales, digital multimeters
  • Sensor conditioning: pH meters, flow control
  • Temperature measurement: conditioning an RTD, thermocouples
  • Medical instrumentation: glucose meters, blood analyzers