MHR Series High Voltage Resistors

By Murata Electronics 226

MHR Series High Voltage Resistors

The Murata MHR series of thick-film, high-voltage resistors are available in compact and thin SIP packages ideal for the detection of voltage and current. Murata's high voltage resistors are used widely in industrial and consumer applications.

High-voltage resistors are used for office equipment and home appliances such as printers, copying machines, home appliances, and air-conditioners. Offering high resistance and small deviation values, Murata high voltage resistor products enable reduced set circuit signal inconsistencies and more reliable final products.

  • High resistance value: 1  to 1000 
  • Narrow tolerance: ±0.5% up to 100 
  • High-reliability resistor: uses original Murata resistor material
  • Tight tolerance offered in ±5%
  • Temperature rating of -40°C to +125°C
  • High operating voltage: 10.0 kVDC max.
  • High voltage resistor used in high voltage power supplies
  • Industrial applications: HVAC, copy machines, and printers
  • Home appliances: air purifiers, HVAC, refrigerators, and vacuum cleaners