NCL2801 Current Mode CrM Power Factor Controllers

By ON Semiconductor 88

NCL2801 Current Mode CrM Power Factor Controllers

The NCL2801 current mode critical conduction mode (CrM) power factor controllers can provide THD performance over extended operating range utilizing ON Semiconductor’s THD enhancer technique. Efficiency and standby power are enhanced with valley count frequency fold-back (VCFF) method.

The NCL2801LED1GEVB evaluation board is configured as a 200 W power factor corrector front-end suitable for conditioning the input power of various switch-mode power supplies. This board provides high power factor and low total harmonic distortion of input current over the extended input voltage range and very wide output load range. Performance exceeds requirements for many demanding applications, including LED lighting, computing power, and white goods products.

  • Valley count frequency foldback
  • Dynamic response enhancer
  • Soft/fast OVP
  • THD enhancer
  • Line level feed-forward
  • Wide VCC (10.5 V to 28 V) range/3 VCC startup level
  • OTA error amp
  • Protections:
    • Brownout
      • Thermal shutdown
      • OVP
      • Overcurrent limitation
      • Pin open/short protection
  • Maximize efficiency over a wide load range
  • Easy loop design and lower power loss by higher RFB
  • Lower output undershoot
  • Lower output overshoot
  • Improve THD performance
  • Optimal loop gain in universal input
  • High system reliability
  • Design flexibility
  • Lighting ballasts (LED, fluorescent)
  • Flat TVs
  • PC power supplies
  • All offline appliances requiring power factor correction